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What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the fusion between technology and modern medicine— an evolution in healthcare that has emerged in response to our digitally connected culture, where people want instant access, faster answers, and more personalized patient care. An e-visit, or telemedicine appointment, offers patients a way to see and talk to their doctor instantly through a secure video call on their phone, tablet or computer. These real-time face-to-face interactions provide a quick and convenient way for patients to connect with their doctors, ask questions, refill prescriptions, and receive quality healthcare from the comfort of their own home.

Benefits of Telemedicine Appointments

1. Save time – No more driving to the office, sitting in traffic, and re-arranging your busy schedule to make it to the doctor’s office. You can log in just minutes prior to your appointment, receive quality care, and be on your way in no time.

2. Convenience – No matter where you are you will receive the same level of care as you would if you were sitting in our office. Traveling? No problem. Sick kids and need to stay home? No problem. Stuck at the office? No problem. Just grab your phone, tablet, or computer and you can speak with your medical team.
3. Get seen faster – Same-day appointments may be available for our telemedicine patients.
4. Discrete – No more sitting in the waiting room. You can be seen and treated from the privacy of your home.

When To Schedule A Telemedicine Appointment

Telemedicine appointments can’t replace your annual physical exam but there are still a lot of reasons to schedule one. Telemedicine appointments are great for routine follow-ups, prescription refills, to go over lab work, follow up concerns, and for putting plans in place for your next level of care.

How Do I Log Into My Appointment?

  1. Set Appointment
  2. Log Into Telemedicine Portal – You’ll an invite code that will be sent to your email to log into your appointment
  3. Complete All Necessary Documents and Medical History
  4. We recommend logging in at least 8 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment time to ensure the completion of all necessary documents/complete payment if applicable.
  5. Visit with our Healthcare Team